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No matter whether it is for your home, or a commercial property, Metal Roof Installations in Tampa, FL, are becoming an increasingly popular option and as one of the most experienced Metal Roof Installers in the Tampa, our team can help to transform your building.

Metal Roofs are capable of being installed across any size of building, big or small, our fully certified and experienced Metal Roof Contractors in Tampa, FL will ensure your property is fully protected from the elements in the most cost-effective solution possible.

Benefits of Metal Roof Installations in Tampa, FL

Metal roofing comes in a range of different materials, but the most common styles include tin, copper, aluminum, steel, and zinc. Each roof style has their own pros, but whichever option you choose, there are a number of benefits to Metal Roof Installations in Tampa, FL. Below is a brief list of those benefits:

  • 1) Long-lasting
    A professionally installed and maintained metal roofing will be able to last for as long as the property and will be able to prevent rainwater from entering the building. They are also able to withstand high winds, as well as damage from rot, pests, and even fire damage.
  • 2) Lightweight
    Alongside being incredibly durable, Metal Roof Installations in Tampa, FL, are also very lightweight compared to other traditional methods of roofing. Clay or concrete tiles might look aesthetically pleasing, they are incredibly heavy – up to five times heavier than metal.
    This low weight is also able to help you reduce on installation costs, thanks to them requiring less labor and contractors to install.
  • 3) Quick Installation
    As most Metal Roof Installations in Tampa, FL, will feature sheet panels, it means that your contractors will be able to quickly and efficiently install your new roof. This is particularly useful if you are in need of a quick installation to repair a significantly damaged roof.
  • 4) Energy Efficient
    Metal roofing is able to reflect radiant heat from the sun, helping to reduce the temperature inside your property. Although it is not typically associated with insulation, metal roofing can be installed alongside foam to help trap warm air inside your property during the winter months; ensuring your home is fully energy efficient.
  • 5) Low pLtch
    A popular benefit of metal roofing, particularly for commercial buildings, is that it can be installed with a very minimal pitch while still maximizing water runoff during heavy storms.

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