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Gravel roofing is quite common across Florida, with property developers adding gravel to flat roofs to help improve energy efficiency, speed up water evaporation, and provide better grip when being walked on. Gravel can also help to reduce natural debris such as dead leaves from being pushed towards your gutters by rainwater; however, like all forms of residential and commercial roofing, it requires regular maintenance to keep it in working condition.

As one of the Best Gravel Roof Repairs Company in Tampa, FL, we know how to keep your roof working as efficiently as possible.

Why Choose the Best Gravel Roof Repair Company in Tampa, FL

We are proud to offer full and in-depth Gravel Roof Repairs in Tampa, FL, and our experienced roofing engineers will be able to help you to identify and correct any issues in your commercial or residential property.

Our team will be able to assess your roof for signs of wear and tear, with some of the most common signs of damage including:

  • - Underlay exposure Gravel Roof Tampa, FL
    A common sign of wear in gravel roofing is the asphalt thinning, and the fiberglass underlay becoming exposed. When this occurs, it can lead to water seeping through the roof and leaking into the property.
  • - Deterioration Gravel Roof Tampa, FL
    Exposure to the extreme weather conditions can cause significant damage to your roof. From damaging UV rays from the sun to temperature fluctuations, your gravel roof goes through a lot, which can lead to holes and areas of deterioration.
  • - Missing or Loose Fasteners Gravel Roof Tampa, FL
    Over time, the fasteners used to install the membrane to your property can become loose and raise up, which can cause seepage into your property. Equally, if the wrong kind of fasteners are used, it can lead to your roof lifting up and blowing away in high winds.
  • - Worn Sealant Gravel Roof Tampa, FL
    The sealant applied to the edges can begin to wear away over time, and when this occurs, rainwater can begin to leak into the property. Replacing the sealant is a quick solution, and our team can quickly restore your roof and prevent leaks.
  • - Debris Build-up Gravel Roof Tampa, FL
    Another common requirement for Gravel Roof Repairs in Tampa, FL, is a build-up of debris on your roof. This can lead to dry rot through the material, but it can also prevent water from draining away, which can cause it to seep into your home.

#1 Gravel Roof Repair Company Tampa, FL

If you are seeking Gravel Roof Repairs in Tampa, FL, our team is here to help. With decades of experience working across both commercial and residential properties, we offer unrivaled workmanship and unquestionable five-star service, so get in touch with our Gravel Roof Repair Company today!

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