A Brief Look At The History of
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Ronald Hurley originally had a roofing company in Greencastle, Indiana called "Quality Roofing". Everyone in town knew the Hurley’s and had a nickname for Ron: “Roofin Ron”. However, Ron was having severe headaches and the cold winter weather was taking a toll on him. So, in 1969, he decided that he was going to move his family to Florida.

Fast forward to Florida, Ron started a new roofing company and yes, you guessed it, he named it “Roofin Ron”. He started putting new roofs on homes here in the sunshine state, where he noticed tile roofs and gravel roofs so he started cleaning and coating gravel roofs to keep the rocks from coming off of the roofs during rainstorms. The cleaning and coating of tile roofs helped extend the life of the tile and made it look newer longer.

Tragically in 2006, Ron suffered a stroke that caused him to lose half of the sight in both of his eyes and total loss of his peripheral vision. John Hurley, his wife, son Zachary, & daughter Tiffany continued to run the business installing new roofs, with a small crew of hard workers. Devin Hurley, Ron’s grandson and John’s son, and his wife, continued the roof-cleaning side of the business, doubling its size in just over 2 years.

50 Years later, Roofin’ Ron is still providing the best quality work and the best customer service that we can provide to honor the business practices that Mr. Hurley started so many years ago.

Sadly, Ron passed away in 2020. We believe he would be proud of what the next 2 generations of Hurley men & women have done with Roofin' Ron, and we plan to keep it going that way to honor his memory.

In Memory of Founder Ronald Hurley

Ronald Hurley Dedicated his life’s work to providing the highest quality of customer service & roofing services to his South Florida community. He is beloved by his Family, Friends & thousands of Satisfied Customers which provided him a great sense of pride & accomplishment. Ron was hard working, skilled & an honest person which is why his Great Legacy still lives on today.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers, from the bottom of our hearts, for making us the best roofing company in Manatee, Sarasota & Hillsborough Counties!

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